Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I feel a little better today, actually. That's definitely a good thing. I don't think my ulcer has gone away completely, but it definitely feels better. I think I should be getting the results back soon.

I think Mom knows how much I want a career, more then just a job. All I have ever had are jobs, even though I have a BA in Psychology. When I think about that, it depresses me. I didn't go to school to be a clerk, a daycare worker, or a teller. I went for something better. I'm not saying that those things are bad, but I feel that they are not right for me. The only thing is I don't know what I really want to do. Maybe I'm afraid to choose something for fear that I will fail at it, but I need to start making serious decisions. In a way, I feel my life is just slipping away.

"Today was just a day drifting into another,
and that can't be what a life is for..."



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