Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I was quite busy over the weekend. Friday was a lot of running around. I ended up having to go into work in the morning and then I cut out a bit early, drove down to White Plains to meet my sisters, and headed down to Jones beach for the Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls concert.

As always, the CC put on a good show... Adam sounded great. His voice sounded really clear and crisp- better than he's sounded in the past. Plus, the songs they perfomed were interesting picks. They did a lot from "Recovering the Satellites"... which is a favorite of mine. But, what was good, was that they did different arrangements of the songs, which is something he tends to do a lot in live concerts. He's really so talented and creative- just blows my mind.

Out of the more well known songs they performed: "A long December", "Mr. Jones", and "Hanging Around"... But probably my favorite song that night was "Goodnight Elizabeth"... The way he sung it was just awesome :),

My only complaint about their set was that Adam did a little too much talking and not enough singing, especially since they were only on stage for about an hour. Also, one song they played is usually 8 minutes, but then he decided to break into a personal story about love and hollywood in the middle of it. Since their set was so short, I think it would have been better if he had chosen shorter songs and cut back on the stories a bit... but, overall, it was still great.

As for the Goo Goo Dolls, well, I was pleasantly surprised. After the opening band, the stage changed... the screens came on, the lights came up, and out came Johnny and the band. I thought they did a REALLY good job- I was very impressed. And what was good was that they didn't just do their new stuff. They did the songs that everyone knows and loves... "Slide", "Name", "Black Balloon", and "Iris".

I think my favorite of all the ones they played was "Iris". It was really cool- at one part, he turned the microphone out towards us, the audience, and we sang along with them. Like I said, they surpassed my expectations and it doesn't hurt that Johnny is great to look at too... (Adam, on the other hand, put on some weight, but, hey, I still love him!).

Only downside is that there is another guy who sings in the group who isn't nearly as good as Johnny and he sang a couple of songs. I felt kind of bad, b/c whenever he took the mic, the audience died down or people opted to take their bathroom breaks. Oh well...

One other thing.... the concert was packed! I think every seat was taken. I didn't realize that there were so many CC and GGD fans out there, but it makes sense. They are both excellent groups.

My sister snapped a couple of pictures from the show.... the first one is of me and my friend, Jen. She and her brother were there, also, to see the concert, though they are both more of GGD fans than CC fans, like my sisters and me are. http://m04.webmail.aol.com/19144/aol/en-us/Mail/get-attachment.aspx?uid=1.13863204&folder=Sent+Mail&partId=4&saveAs=jenandmeatCCconcert.bmp

The second is of Jen, my sisters, and myself. As you can see it was a beautiful night and great one for a concert on the beach! http://m04.webmail.aol.com/19144/aol/en-us/Mail/get-attachment.aspx?uid=1.13882716&folder=Sent+Mail&partId=4&saveAs=meandgirlsatconcert.bmp

This really seems to be the summer of concerts for me. And, surprisingly, for my birthday, my sisters gave me Shakira concert tickets... to that will be another one to look forward to. YAY :)


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