Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Humbug, it's V DAY >:o(

I'm in protest of Valentine's Day- blech, ick, boo! :( I decided yesterday that I was going to get up today and express my distaste for this so-called "holiday". Part of that expression is my choice of clothing. I went for an all black ensemble. Sure, it probably looks like I am in mourning, but I really don't care. Another thing...I refuse to say the full V word...or I choose to say it as little as possible (I know that I wrote it out once in this blog entry already). And, not only that, but if I hear someone else say it or make reference to it...I can't help but to grimace or wince in some way. Ugh, can't stand it.

I know, I know...I'm being a BIG baby... but this day isn't fun for some of us. And today I SO don't feel like being a good sport about it. If people have a problem with that, well, I guess that's their problem, not mine. OMG, the inner bitch is really coming out today.

Today, I forgot for a moment what day it was. However, that happy moment soon came to an end. I walked into Stop & Shop at lunch time and came face to face with a table set up with V Day decorations and flowers for customers to purchase. Ugh! Plus, there seemed to be a lot more guys in the store. Well, of course, they were there buying flowers or other mementos for their sweethearts.

Maybe one day it will be different. Maybe I'll actually look forward to this day... But for right now, it's not one that I enjoy and what makes it even worse is that I have heard it mentioned or referenced countless times, even more than I have in the past. Or maybe it's just because I'm more conscious of it for some reason. I guess that could very well be the case.

Right now it's about 3 pm, so I've made it through a good portion of the day. Don't know how, but I am managing. Just don't know how tonight is going to be... I mean, being that I am at work, it's easier to occupy my mind- tonight I don't know. I guess I'll get by. It's really just another day for me. :(


Blogger Jen said...

Bah, humbug. I don't like V-day either. That's why I alway refer to it as Singles Awareness day. It makes you painfully aware of your date status. I was on a break from school this past weekend. First thing I saw when I got back to campus yesterday was a guy with flowers. Grr! But! It's over now! For another year....

3:09 PM  

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