Monday, January 16, 2006

Wanted to use this blog to say "Thanks" for the responses :). You all are such a big help! :) It's nice having people who understand and are so supportive. I'm always open to any ideas and suggestions in getting things under control- I'll take all the help I can get.

Yeah...I'm getting frustrated with these dang highs :( :( :( . It's just about every night. I'm beginning to think that 200 is a low for me after dinner...not good :(. Wish there was an easier way to figure this all out...instead of this trial/error crap. Ugh.

I faxed my sugar log over to my CDE/dietician for her to review with my Endo at the end of last week. She also suggested that I test my basals on a night where I don't exercise. But I guess I'm confused if that's going to help me, considering that I exercise every night. So what happens if I adjust my basals, after doing the test w/o exercising, and then once I start exercising again, it gets screwed up again? I don't see the logic- am I missing something here?

According to the basal testing guidelines, it says to exercise normally, but not go overboard. To me, it would make sense to do what I normally do and do the test- but I don't know. I just really want to get this figured out.

Also, in my testing guidelines it says to skip breakfast... I hope this doesn't cause a liver dump. I have an appointment with my CDE tomorrow, so I will ask her both about the exercise and the skipping breakfast issues. Hopefully, she'll be able to help.

As for the weight loss...I'm hoping that it's just water retention or muscle, but I highly doubt it. After giving it more thought, I think I have been eating more and a little more carelessly. So this is something I need to watch.

This weekend probably didn't help matters much. My family and myself attended a brunch buffet... Everything was delicious, of course, and, I admit, I ate a lot... So I'm not exactly looking forward to being weighed in tomorrow. But I guess I'll deal with that then.

My plan is to keep exercising as I have been- getting that heart rate up, but to be more wary about what I eat. I eat SO erratically, it's embarrassing. No matter how many meal plans I'm given, I always resort to my old eating patterns. Not good :( .

You wouldn't think it would be so hard to eat healthy meals, and it shouldn't be, but it is for me. I just want to eat what I want and not worry about it- and I don't think that's a possibility. That sucks. If anyone has any ideas on how to eat healthier, I'm all ears :) .


Blogger julia said...

It's really difficult to change ingrained eating patterns. If it weren't, there wouldn't be such a weight problem in this country.

The only way I've been able to change my eating habits is to get pregnant (not a recommendation, by the way!). After having my daughter a year ago, I've mostly continued good habits, but it was tough (until I got pregnant again).

The only thing I've found to help is to not buy the junk food. I buy veggies - red and orange peppers and cukes - and cut up a bunch of them and leave them in the fridge for crunchy snacking. I also buy a lot of fruit - apples, pears and clementines are my favourites in the winter. In the summer, I buy canteloupes and cut them up, sometimes with strawberries. Yum-o. I've switched all my pastas to whole grain and when I eat bread, I only eat whole grain. Whole grains will fill you up more than white flour breads. Plain yoghurt sweetened with fruit preserves (takes a little getting used to).

I plan on joining Weight Watchers again, though, once I have this baby. I need all the support I can get.

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Anonymous Tiffany said...

For my part, there are no thanks required. This is an equal opportunity deal! :)

If I were you, I would test my basals when exercising (and I do). Expecially if it's a scheduled and regular part of your life. So I say do it. However, you'll also need to test your basals without exercise, particularly if you don't do it seven days a week. (ha, didn't that just make things more difficult lol) Then you can set up some basal patterns. BUT, your CDE may have suggested testing only when you don't exercise to make things a little bit easier on you at first. Worse comes to worse, you run a temp basal during exercise once your basals are established.

Do you mind my asking; what guidelines are you reading that states you should skip breakfast when you test your overnight basal? I do that when I want to cut corners and get a line on my 12-hour basal profiles, not just the overnights.

As for the food thing...I'm with Julia. If it's not in your cupboard, you won't eat it.

When I have some time, I'll throw you an email with some easy recipes (hopefully soon lol).

1:50 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Thanks, ladies :)

I know exactly what you mean, Julia. I think that bad eating patterns I had as a kid, adolescent,and even young adult have stuck with much as I have tried to overcome them. When you are feeling down, or particularly vulnerable that's when it's easy to turn back to those unhealthy things.

I don't buy a lot of junk food...every now and then I'll buy a bag of BAKED chips, but that's about it. I know if I have that stuff on hand, I have a hard time controlling myself(you'd be surprised at how fast I go through a bag of those chips!),so I do try to keep pretty healthy foods in the fridge.

My problem is really that I tend to want to eat out a lot. Even if I have brought a good lunch to work, I often find myself going out and buying something else instead. It's costly and I'd probably do better if I stuck to my lunch. Saying that, I do tend to choose healthier options eating out, but still...

Then there's the fact that I don't really cook. So I come home from the gym feeling hungry. I end up eating things don't satisfy me and leave me hungry...which leads me to overeating, etc. Gosh, if I could afford to hire a personal chef...I'd love that, lol. :)

Tiff :)

I did test my basals the other night (wednesday). I am planning to post about expect that soon. I'll be looking forward to your feedback :).

The guidelines they recommend I follow are in the Paradigm Pump Manual. They tell you how to test your overnight, daytime, and evening basals. Let me know what you think...I'm interested in your opinion.

As for the recipes, I would love if you could send me some nice and easy ones. That would be awesome- thanks so much!

Hope all is well with you both and thanks for your responses again :) :) :)

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