Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've finally been tagged! Can't tell you how excited this makes me, lol :) . Plus it wasn't just by one fellow blogger, but two very talented ones, Tiffany and Johnboy. I'm feeling very popular at the moment, j/k, of course, ...but it does feel good. I think I was sort of passed over the last time. Anyway, here goes nothing :)

Four Jobs I've Had: (funny how they all have to do with money, yet I always seem to be lacking the green stuff! :o()

Cashier at a Grocery Store (Stop & Shop)
Pharmacy Clerk
Bank Teller
Medical Biller (current job)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:

Little Women
Girl, Interrupted
Bridget Jones Diary
Wonder Boys

Three Places I have Lived:

Briarcliff Manor, NY
Ridgefield, CT
My current CT residence

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch: (pretty much all bad tv)

American Idol (got to love those awful auditions and Simon, of course ;) )
The Bachelor
Music Videos on MTV/VH1 (when they actually play music)
The Food Network shows (love those cooking shows, but, sadly it isn't making me any better of a cook)

Four Places I've Vacationed:

Cruise to the Caribbean (actually ended up being a BIG disaster)
Marco Island, FL
Ocean City, Maryland
Hershey Park, PA

Four Favorite Foods

Pasta with lots of butter and melted cheese
Mom's cheese blintzes or apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, or Fudge Brownie (OK,OK, that's 3)
A delicious Gourmet dinner out somewhere.

Four Websites I (try to) Visit Daily:

Sandra's Blog, from which I then bounce to the forty-gazillion other blogs in the DOC- stole this from Tiff, but I do the same.
Diabetes Forums
Children with Diabetes website (addicted to ordering stuff now- uh oh!)

Four Places I Would Much Rather Be Right Now:

Out to eat at a favorite restaurant.
With sis, just chilling ;)
Spending time with Mom
At home, relaxing

I tag: Mytime (hope she hasn't been tagged yet!) :)


Blogger mytime79 said...

When did you live in Briarcliff Manor? I went to camp with a few people who lived there growing up. I'm from Rockland County.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

I lived in Briarcliff, NY, for about the first 8 years of my life (up to 2nd grade). I don't remember too much about it, but I know that it's a really nice area.

The rest of my life, I've been a CT gal. :)

9:33 AM  

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