Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I haven't checked in a while... But there's a good reason for that. See, I managed to get myself into a bit of trouble at work. I must admit, it's my own fault. I haven't been a good employee and my managers , A & T, have taken notice.

Last Tuesday, A &T, my managers, called me into A's office. I know whenever anyone's called in like that- it's not a good sign. I was pretty certain what was coming wasn't going to be good. And, unfortunately, I was right. Turns out that they aren't happy with the work (or lack of work) I have been doing lately. In their words, they are "distressed".

To give you a little background information, I work as a Medical Biller for a Radiology practice. I do what they call EOB review...which is reviewing explanation of benefits, focusing on denials for services we provide, and fighting the insurance for payment. Honestly, it's very repetitive and not particularly interesting. Some days it's harder than others to go in and want to do this work. I guess most days the motivation is just not there.

Well, I guess A& T feel that I am not getting my work done...more importantly, getting the $$$ in. They feel like I need to to work on: 1)not letting things go too long unworked, 2)staying focused on doing my job, and 3)having better communication with them. As much as I would like to say that this is all bullshit, it's not. It's a fair assessment of things.

However, hearing these things really got to me. I guess I am really not good with criticism. (who is good at taking criticism, though?I don't think many can say they are good at taking it) So I left Tuesday feeling upset and unsettled with things. It was not a good feeling.

In the past, if this had happened, I would have been out of there so fast... My way of dealing with something like this was to run away. I was so tempted to do that again this time, but I knew I couldn't. First, I can't afford to be without work. I have too many expenses and, not to mention, I need the medical insurance. To have a chronic illness like Diabetes and no insurance, just isn't a good thing. Secondly, I knew I had to break the pattern. To run away whenever things get a little tough or uncomfortable is an easy way out and it's an all too familiar road I've been on. I also knew that to do that would make it more likely for this pattern to repeat and repeat again. I couldn't let that happen.

So as hard as it was, I went back in Wednesday. It was really difficult, but I knew I had to. One of my main priorities was to make a point of speaking to T. I wanted to let him know that I appreciated our discussion and would be trying harder to do a better job.

I have to give myself credit for that. It's hard talking to him and A. They just don't have the warmest, friendliest personalities and both can be a bit intimidating. But, saying that, he was very receptive to what I said and told me that I could always go to him with my questions or whatever I had problems with.

From there, I have made more of an effort to talk to him and ask questions. Ok, yes, it's only been a week, but I've asked a lot more in the last week than I have in the last few months, so that's a clear improvement. Now I just have to keep doing that. Believe it or not, that's going to take a lot of effort on my part, but I know communication is a necessary thing to have with your managers.

The thing about this is I knew that it was coming...but that doesn't mean it was easy to hear. In a weird way I am glad it happened. It was a much needed swift kick in the butt and I needed it to make me realize that I needed to work harder.

Instead of letting things go, I need to do my work. Instead of spending a lot of the day online checking my email and reading blogs, I need to do my work. Instead of socializing a little too much, I need to do my work. Ok, I guess you get the picture. It's hard, b/c like I said, I would much rather read blogs and write in my own than call insurance companies, but I know that's not possible after that meeting.

I am still going to try and post whenever I can. Obviously, it isn't going to be as often as it was, but I have very little choice over that matter. So if I'm gone for longer periods of time between posts, this is why. But please know that you do still have a faithful reader and I will be reading your blogs whenever I can- that is, outside of work ;). I'm pretty sure that it will still be on a daily basis for the most part... I enjoy them too much
to stay away from them longer than that. LOL


Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Funny how those kicks in the rear, while painful, can sometimes be a good thing eh?

We'll just look for you to post whenever you can - that's the great thing about blogs - you do them when you can, and don't worry about it when you can't. No obligation.

12:01 PM  

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