Monday, January 15, 2007

I don't know why, but lately I've been having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night... Actually, I know a lot has to do with having a LOT on my mind... there seems to be thoughts constantly racing through my head. Yes, yet again, I have my anxiety to thank. But now that it's showing it's hideous face more and more and starting to affect different aspects of my life, I am begininng to realize that it's a bigger issue than I'd like to believe.

It's evident that this is beginning to be a big problem for me and it's one I'd like to do without. The only thing that has me puzzled is why NOW? As far as I'm aware of, there hasn't been any major change or transition in my life that would cause me to feel this anxious and lose those valuable hours of sleep. GRR, it's driving me crazy and, no, I'm not getting anywhere, so instead of continuing to waste my time trying to figure this out, I'm going to move on...try to, at least...that is, until I can find some appropriate way to deal with it.

So, on that note, when I was deciding on a song/video or today, it came down to 2 songs by artists that I really love and have mentioned in this blog countess times. But, as much as i tried, I couldn't decide between the two... I think both are pretty fitting, considering what I've been going through. However, since I could only find one on YOUTUBE, it made my decision easy afterall. I think this is an obvious choice- heck, it's performed by one of my favorite groups/artists and it's really good song!. Ok, so that's my lame introduction... now here's my song for today! :)


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