Sunday, December 03, 2006

So the Diabetes OC Best Blog nominations have rolled out... and I, yet again, have been passed over :(. Damn it! Hmmm, maybe I should pull a "Faith Hill" when she lost to Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Awards. But then again, no, I guess I can't since she was, at least, nominated for the award and I wasn't even nominated for anything... whatever!

Of course I'm kidding :-D . I think the people who got nominated for their blogs absolutely deserve it. I am a faithful follower of all these blogs and I can definitely understand how the nominations came about... so congratulations y'all.

Btw, I think all my fellow OC bloggers deserve gold stars- You are ALL awesome !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the congrats and not busting a faith hill on us! :)

That was funny!

2:13 AM  
Anonymous AmyT said...

Hey Lady,
You rock! We're all putting ourselves out there, so we all deserve stars :)

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats ... consider not being nominated as a sign that you've yet to be discovered (I know I have)!!!

10:14 AM  

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