Thursday, January 18, 2007

I had this post all written last night... and, of course, I lost connection to the internet :( :( :(! Of course, I lost the post and I couldn't get back online. Usually, I would be up to all hours trying to get back online and usually making the problem worse, but since I've been so sleep deprived- I just went to bed... Ok, that's a lie- I ended up having a little binge last night, which isn't all that surprising considering how I've been feeling lately. And now, I'm paying for it- I woke up with my blood sugar over 300~ guess it's true about being your own worse enemy.

Anyway, now I owe two posts for today (since I was supposed to post one song per day). I'm going to post the song I selected for yesterday... Basically, this is what I'll be doing today... I'm so tired, I will be just floating along, going through the motions and trying to get through the day. Hopefully, it won't be too difficult of a day.


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