Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yesterday, I never got around to posting a song ... Sorry about that- just was an incredibly hectic day. This would ordinarily end my week of doing this, but I think that since I skipped a day, I'll just end it tomorrow.

Before I put a close to this all, I can not ignore a group that I absolutely love. If you can't guess whom I'm referring to... I'll just let you take a look and listen to the song/video below. I love them! :) (Did I say that already?! lol)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Andrea, I tried to listen, but got no sound.... I wanted to listen to see if you had picked another good, but sad and melancholy song. You will not get in a better mood listening to sad stuff even if it is good. Check out my You Tube song in my post entitled "Skye Happy 11th Birthday". There is a song at the end of that post that has to make you a little bit happy! Please try.....

6:08 AM  

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