Monday, November 10, 2003

Here goes my second go at computer is being a real pain in the a**, shutting down for no apparent reason. Hopefully, it won't do it while I am doing this one.

Today was another long day at chase. It was crazy busy. On top of that, Sue seemed like she was in a bad mood and kept dumping crap for us to do...not like we weren't busy enough as it were. Oh, but I forgot we are just unimportant people compared to others there at the bank. I just feel so looked down upon, unappreciated, and unrewardedin this position. I don't know how much more I can take of this bull sh&t. God willing, I will find something better and soon.

After work, I headed to the gym. I guess I picked a good time to go, b/c before long it was pretty packed. When I left, every treadmill was taken. I know I will encounter having to wait for a machine sooner or later, but hopefully a lot later and not sooner. I'm pretty impatient sometimes, especially when all I want to do is exercise. I'm glad I went, I definitely needed to relieve some stress.

I went to Mom's for dinner. I was so hungry and I probably ate more than I should have. My blood sugar was high when I just tested so that indicates that I wasn't all that careful with what I ate. Dinner is always a time when I seem to underestimate how much I eat for some reason. I guess I'll have to try harder to estimate and maybe even overestimate if need be.

I just was thinking, if anyone reads this...they probably are thinking what a bore my whole life is. In a way it is, but I guess this is what I am comfortable with. It's hard to get out of one's comfort zone, so to speak.


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