Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm having some problems :( :( :( ... Lately, my diabetes control has been pretty sucky to say the least. I'm not a happy camper!

This past week has been difficult for me, in terms of controlling my numbers. For reasons beyond me, I have been dealing with high number after high number. And what is driving me even more mad, is that I can't figure out why this is happening.

I mean, it's bad enough that I'm having these problems, but it's even worse when you cannot find an explanation for it. I know I should know by now that it's not worth driving yourself crazy with trying to figure it all out, but I guess it's in my nature to obsess about these things. Well, that's my rationalization. LOL.

Ok, yes, I have had problems in the past with my evening to nighttime blood sugar levels- that isn't anything new. And, no, they haven't EVER been fully resolved, but it seems like things have gotten even worse from there.

The last few days, since Monday, my blood sugar has been, to be quit blunt, downright shitty :(. During the day, especially after meals, I'd spike pretty consistently(in the 200s)... I'd go workout at the gym, and then test and still be in the 200s, and then after dinner, again I'd be high, only now in the 300 range.

So many things run through my head when this sort of thing happens... I'm sure you all are familiar with those questions. Oh, you know... for example: Is it my site? Is my insulin bad? Is my pump functioning? Did I bolus? Did I carb count accurately? etc, etc, etc. Ugh...

Of course, most of those things appear to be ok, at least that I'm aware of anyway. The only issue I've been having recently that comes to mind, is the persistent headache I've had the last few days. I'm not sure if that might be causing all this aggravation or it's a result of the problems I'm having with my control.

But, anyway, today I decided that I would test my daytime basal rate (yet again). Dr. P, my Endo., wanted me to repeat this one more time, and then move on to testing my afternoon levels- can't wait (note sarcastic tone). But I bit the bullet and went for it again. Truthfully, I kind of also wanted to see if, somehow, my insulin needs have changed.

I wasn't that surprised to see that the results basically followed my typical pattern. I woke up at a nice 87, ate breakfast and tested every 2 hours from there. So two hours post-breakfast: 232. Another 2 after that: 143. 2 more hours after: 74. And lastly: 63.... which is where I stopped the test.

I'm pretty sure what Dr. P will suggest when he sees this... he will probably want to reduce my basal rate even more, particularly in the afternoon when I drop. But I think that this is not the answer for me...

Yes, these tests are supposed to be very effective in finding the right rate for you, but after all the tests I've been through, I'm really not so sure. I feel if he reduces my rate again, I'll just end up with even more high readings. And if that happens, I'm pretty confident, that I'll have to commit myself, b/c I WILL lose it.

I feel that the readings you get when you do these basal tests, when you aren't eating for most of the day, and the readings you get when you eat normally are two different things. I happen to know that when I eat, I see these ridiculous spikes right afterward. It's bad enough that I have high post-prandial readings, but then reducing my basal rates would only cause things to continue to go downhill. But if I mentioned this to Dr. P., he would then say that my carb to insulin ration probably needs to be adjusted, and he's probably right. However, saying that, I also think there's more to it than this.

Do you ever get the feeling like there is more to the problems you are having with your blood sugar than you might be aware of? Well, this is my concern. I have an instinct that there might be other health issues that are contributing to my problems, lurking there under the surface. However, I don't know how I would be able to find that out.

My thought is that they would perform various tests to check things out, but don't they usually base that on symptoms someone is having? Honestly, I don't know if I have outright symptoms. I have malaise somedays, other days I have headaches or just general achiness, then there are also days where I feel tired. But these things could be nothing... So I'm not sure how to figure this out.

I am planning on running things by my Endo and seeing what he suggests. I do want his feedback on my basal tests and, yeah, he may do what I expect him to do, but maybe he'll surprise me and offer me a different suggestion. All I know is that I want to get to the bottom of this all and finally see improvement...or I'll probably be heading to the funny farm, so to speak!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be checked for Lyme disease. You have serveral of the symptoms. Also,many forms of arthritis can (rheumatoid) be to blame. A blood test can determine either of these. Good luck and I hope it's nothing!!

7:31 AM  
Blogger dm1 said...

Hey there,

I was just searching for some Symlin blogs and you came up. Have you started Symlin yet. If not, you should seriously consider it. If your A1c is 9 or below and are a compliant diabetic who just struggles like the rest of us, you may be a great candidate.

Symlin has completely changed my life. My a1c is now 6.2 and I have lost 30lbs. My post meal sugars have never been so good. Symlin is a lot of work at first, but totally worth it. Let me know if you have questions.

Take care,


11:47 PM  
Blogger mytime79 said...

Hi Andrea,
I meant to write back to your blog from over a month ago. Are you going to go through with the nose job? I think if it's something that you want you should go for it. Do you know why your family is giving you such a hard time??

I'm sorry you are having all of these issues again? This seems like its been going on forever. What's Symlin?? Should I know?

I wonder if there are any other sites online that might have answers or at least ideas of what on earth to do.

Don't give up!

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Tiffany said...

OK...colour me confused here; are you testing afternoon basal rates, or morning?

Exercising with a high BG can actually cause your glucose levels to increase. The standard documented threshold is 280, but I personally find that any level over a 215 will do it for me. In cases like that, I either correct and wait to exercise, or do a partial correction (about 25%) to suppress any glycogen secretion and avoid any excess cardio.

I'm really sorry to hear that you're having so many problems. I know that any level above about a 160 for me will lead to persistent headaches and fatigue, but YMMV (of course). I hope things get better for you soon!!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

anonymous...Hmm, I really hope it's not Lyme's disease or arthritis... though I know that that could be possible, especially considering that Lyme's disease is more common in this area and Rheumatoid is an autoimmune disease, like diabetes... I have a appointment on the 15th, to be screened before I have surgery on the 22nd, so I will mention this. Thanks for your feedback! :)

dm1- I haven't really startd on Symln yet. My Endo is pushing these darned basal tests. He thinks that's the first obstacle to tackle and then if we set the basals, we can then give that a go.

I am excited about trying it... I think it could help me a lot. But I'm trying to be patient-which isn't easy for me, lol ;)

Sounds like it is really working for you- that's so awesome. You must be thrilled. I hope you continue to do so well.

Thanks for your response!

MT- I actually responded to your last response first... but again WB! Glad to see that you are back posting.

Ok, I can definitely say that I AM going through with the surgery. It's actually scheduled for two weeks from Thursday (eek!). I don't think I have fully come to terms with it, but I will soon enough.

Honestly, I'm nervous just talking about it, but I think it will really be a good boost for my self-confidence. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will go nice and smoothly :)

My family? Well, my Mom has accepted it. She keeps telling me whenever it comes up in conversation that she doesn't think it's a good idea, but she hasn't disowned me yet.

I've mentioned it to my sisters when I first started considering it. My older sister doesn't agree with it either, but she know it's my decision. My younger sister is adamant against it. She just doesn't think it's the answer and says that I'm being stupid and that it's embarassing. But when push comes to shove, I know she will deal with it. Well, she's going to have to.

Now, the only person who doesn't really know is my Dad. He's not going to be happy about it and I'm hesitant about telling him, but he's going to find out, so I'm hoping that he'll react better than I think.

I guess anytime your family member makes a major change like this it's a bit scary. It's like you are changing the hereditary you are born with or something. I don't know if that's it, but that's my guess. Also, I guess they sort of view making this kind of change as being on the shallow and artificial side. It may be, but it's ultimately my choice.

Ok, changing gears here...

Symlin is a injectable hormone(I believe). It's actually something people make normally, but in diabetics, it's usually deficient. It works to slow down digestion and prevents the spikes we often see post eating, which is my problematic areas. It also can aid in weight loss, b/c it makes you feel fuller longer(from slowing digestion). There are some side effects, especially at first, such as: nausea, low blood sugar, etc... but I think it gets better as you go. It's worth checking out :)

Anyway, yeah I still have days where my blood sugar just go bezerk and it throws me for a loop, to say the least. I can never predict how, when, where, or why it happens, and that drives me crazy, but I guess that's sort of par for the course of being diabetic.

I'm trying to hang in there, just wish it was easier some days. Thanks for being there :)

Tiffany, I've tested both my daytime and nighttime basal rates, actually several times. However, even after all these tests, I still feel like I'm not on the right track yet. I'm not sure these tests are really helpful- but then I don't know how else to really check if your rates are right or not. So... I guess my next tests will be the afternoon rate.

I usually have to start over 200 when I exercise or I drop like crazy. I've gone low to the point where I feel like a walking zombie leaving the gym. It's really scary. I know exercise is important, but I wish I was able to predict how it would affect my blood sugar better. Oh well, guess it's just one of those things!

Anyway, I hope you are doing well and are continuing to enjoy your new pump and sensor. I'll definitely be looking into that when it's available here... hopefully, I'll be able to afford it.

Thanks for your help and support- means a lot! :)

9:49 PM  

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