Monday, December 15, 2003

Some days I really HATE my job! :( Today was one of those days. It was just incredibly busy all day and of course Marie happened to be off today. Mondays tend to be busy as is, but then when we are short staffed it makes it so much harder. Not to mention Kathy was being her lazy self. It really annoys me how she will sit on her fat ass and keep saying how this day sucks, but there I was working nonstop. I wanted to say to her, "oh, you're busy?! I am the one doing everything!" What she mostly did was chit chat with Tracy the whole time. If I talked to Tracy about how Kathy isn't pulling her weight, I don't think she would do a damn thing about it. What is also aggravating is that she will actually get off her butt a little bit when Tracy is around, but as soon as Tracy walks away she is back to doing nothing. It's so annoying and transparent! I was so exhausted after everything was said and done. I mean I know this job was never going to be a permanent thing for me, but now I am worried about finding something else and wondering if I could go from a bad situation to a worse one. :(

I tried to get all my stress out on the gym. It didn't really work out that way. I got to my parents still in a bad mood. Then they made a couple comments about my job which sent me off the deep end. I know my job really isn't that stressful, it's basically just things like my co-workers that get to me. I know I shouldn't let them bother me, but it does. I can't just run away from these things, I seem to do that any time things get a little tough and then it ends up repeating itself again and again. It's not a good thing and I know that has to change. All I want is something good in my life, whether it be through my work, my health, my friends, or love. I don't think that is too much to ask for. So if anyone asks me what I want for Christmas I think one of those things would be it, though I would never say that out loud.


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