Saturday, December 06, 2003

I'm so done with snow. That's all it's done today, and I'm already sick of it. You'd think Chase would close for the safety of it's employees, but of course not! I was there, as were Johanna and Kathy. It wasn't that bad, but if I didn't have to go, I wouldn't have. Anyway, I still managed to get some done today even with the snow. I went to the gym after work. Surprisingly, I wasn't the only idiot there. Then I went to the store and blockbuster. I also cleaned my apt. It needed t so bad. I just hope this blizzard ends soon.

Tomorrow I hope to get to the mall, I really have to. I barely put a dent in my Christmas shopping. I might meet Jen as well if I can dig myself out of the snow, and if she doesn't cancel. Those are 2 big IFS. Other than that, this weekend will probably be over in a flash.


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