Monday, December 22, 2003

Today was madly crazy. It was so busy, must be b/c of it being Christmas week. I bet it will be this way the whole rest of the week too. I have to say that there's such a difference when Kathy's here and it's this busy than when it's just me and Marie. Marie and I get along so much better and work well together. Even though it was so busy, I wasn't nearly as grouchy as I was last Monday.

I am still planning on looking for a better job, I think this one is ok at times, but I can't deal with it when it's so busy and nobody helps me. Hopefully, they'll be more after the holidays.

Keara was oddly nice to my Mom, I think part of what I said to her might have sunk in. I hope she continues to be nice to her. Mom doesn't need to deal with extra stress in her life. It's not good for her. I guess we'll see what happens after Christmas.


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