Sunday, January 18, 2004

We were snowed in today! Well... not really...I did get out today. I managed to go to the gym, the store, and to Blockbusters. I guess it just seems like I have been in all day, b/c I have been inside since about 4 and it's now 8. I guess it's ok to have days like today sometimes, I just hope that the snow doesn't keep coming continuously.

This weekend is almost over, luckily tomorrow I am off for MLK birthday. It's also Mom's birthday. I hope she has a really great day, she so deserves it. I love her a lot. I think we are going out to celebrate tomorrow nite. Hopefully, everyone will behave and it'll be a nice time.

Keara goes back to school sometime this week. I don't know which day, but I can't believe her time home is over. It seems like she just got home. I have to say that at times I really do enjoy her home, but then there are definitely times that I think she is better at school or by herself. I don't know how she is going to be after the move. I hope she will be nice about it, but I think she will probably not take it so good at first.

I don't think I mentioned that Kathy and I are now back on speaking terms, for the moment anyway. Who knows how long that will last, she is hard to read and you can never tell how she is going to react to things. I just hope we can keep things on a friendly, civil level.


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