Monday, September 05, 2005

It's been awhile since I posted. It is now September '05. Things have changed a bit. I have a new job as a Medical Biller. I also am taking a course for preparation for certification in Medical Coding. I hate to say it, but I don't know if this is what I want to do. I want a job I truly enjoy and look forward to doing each day and this basically isn't cutting it. Admittedly, I just started this job...I've only been there for a week, but I can kind of see how things are going to be. I know I have to give things a chance and see how things go, I'm not giving up yet.

Other news...Diabetes wise. I just got back from a vacation. I went on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. Unfortunately, it was a big disappointment. I had major problems with my insulin pump. The first nite on the ship, I had extremely high readings. Wednesday I started receiving error messages...motor error problems and E35 (whatever that means). It impacted my whole trip and how I felt. I was extremely moody and ran high for the majority of things. Friday, it completely died on me. It would not deliver my lunch bolus and then the alarms kept going off. It was very aggravating and scary for me. Especially considering, I had just returned a pump to MM with similar issues. I also did not have any backup supplies with me. I know that was stupidity on my part, but I truly did not think I would have these types of problems. Luckily, the infirmary on the ship did have supplies which I had to to purchase. I don't know what I would have done if they didn't. Anyways, I have lost a lot of faith in these pumps and am very disappointed. I am uncertain that I want to continue using it , even though I hate injections. At least with injections, I know that the insulin is getting where it needs to go.

Other than that, no other major news. Still no social life :( , no b/f :( , and no good news to report :( . I did meet a couple of people off Match .com, but nothing came out of it. I wanted to meet someone I could really connect with and who was crazy about me (and me about him). Oh well....I guess there's always that option to try again sometime in the future.

One new thing was I decided to cut my hair...I mean I cut it myself- which was not a smart thing to do. I thought how hard could it be, well I cut my bangs and a little off the length and let's just say, I need to keep my day job, b/c I'm not hair stylist :). I hated it and I don't think many liked it. I decided to get it done professionally. The stylist was good...she fixed it up and I really liked it. I still can't get it to look how she did it, but I think it's a big improvement from how I did it.

That's all for now.


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