Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lately, my diabetes control has worsened considerably. Let me be more blunt...things basically suck right now and I'm very frustrated. I'll wake up in a normal range, have my usual egg for breakfast, get to work and have an apple, and then test right before lunch. To my dismay, this past week my readings at the time of day have been in the 300-350 range :(! Then it takes most of the afternoon for me to get my sugars down. Usually, it doesn't come down 'til after the gym and then I 'll eat my dinner and I have to deal with a spike again. My appointment with my Endo is right around the corner (Monday), but I'm getting more anxious and tense about it by the minute. I was going to hold off and discuss this with my Endo on Monday, but I broke down yesterday and called the office to see if I could be seen sooner. Of course, I knew that wouldn't be possible, as that office is extremely busy, but I thought I would give it a shot. I called again today and left a msg for my CDE. I never actually got in touch with her. She called me and left a message on my cell, but I didn't get it until it was too late to call her. She wants me to fax my blood sugar log to her, but I'm going to try and get in touch with her first. I really want to talk to her about how I've been doing and the probelms I've been having. Not only do I want to discuss my horrible blood sugars, but I also want to mention my problem with the pains I've been experiencing in my legs. It's a very unpleasant's an aching pain and it almost always happens when I'm high. I know they will probably tell me to adjust my basal (increase it), maybe alter my carb to insulin ratio, and pay more attention to what I eat, but I feel like a lot more needs to be done. When Monday comes, I'm going to have a lot to talk about with my Endo and I'm not going to be shy about expressing how I feel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need diabetic medication ASAP. On the mean time, watch out for your carb-taking; 30g per meal or 15g per snack is the norm. Read the label carefully.

As a type II diabetic, my highest number was 210 and my average range is around 130. What is your A1c (three-month average)?

Did you try to eat Vietnam bitter melon before? I have some information for that magic vegetable on my website.(

Good luck


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