Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I don't know if mentioned it or not, but I am taking another coding course at DH. It's preparation for the certification test (which will certify me as a Medical Coder). I'm not actually sure why I am taking the course...I don't think this is my career path and before this course started, I debated whether to go ahead with it or not. I decided to move forward with it, b/c I thought in the future I might look back on things and wish I had taken it... which knowing me is a definite possibility. I will usually pass on something and later regret it. I didn't want to make that mistake again. Anyway, last week we took the Mid-term. I wasn't really nervous about it until the test was passed out, but by that time it's too late. Overall, I felt I did ok with it...well, today we got them back and I got a 96...so WOO HOO :). That's good news, and frankly I could use some . I wish I was more enthused about coding, but I'm not. I guess it doesn't interest me as much as I had hoped it would. SO who knows what will come of this all...it may just end up being a waste of time and energy.

Not too much else happened. Work went by relatively quickly today and then I had class. I'm so tired right now! If I was smart, I would turn in early, but being me, I'll probably be up way past 11. Also, Toby kept waking me up last night...which was really annoying. He kept pawing at me, it was kind of cute. I know he just wanted to play, but at those early hours of the morning, it's not cute at all and I was pretty aggravated when I had to wake up for work this morning. He better not do that tonight.

So yesterday, my landlord failed to tell me that he was having an electrician and his crew come in and put in electrical units for heat in my apartment. I was so SO pissed that he could just let these strangers in w/o any kind of notice. They left things a mess, there was dust all over the place, and they didn't bother to pick up the stuff that they dropped on the floor. Admittedly, my apartment was NOT in the best state... it was a bit on the messy side...which is yet another reason why I didn't want anyone coming through. I'm still so mad about this and, though I did talk to my landlord's wife yesterday, I didn't talk to him. I am definitely calling him tomorrow, especially since I think someone was again in here today. I mean, what the F%ck! :( :( :( .

You know, I think my blood sugar may also be affecting my being so tired. The last few days I've been running higher than I should...much too high. Yesterday I hit almost 400. I know part of the reason might be my basal rate. I reduced my rate to see what would happen, I guess it's not working ...though it seemed ok at first. So I've been slowing increasing it. I'm sure I'll be back up to where I was originally soon enough, so maybe all this would be for nothing, but I guess you never know if you don't try. My appt. is coming up and I'm very apprehensive about what's going to happen, more specifically, my A1c and control. I know it's not going to be good, and ignoring things is not going to make things better. The good thing out of hearing the results, I'm hoping, will be the motivation for me to really work hard and get back on track. I know that's what I need to do.


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