Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I made it to the middle of the week...well, almost. Ok, technically it's only Tuesday evening, but from here things usually go pretty smoothly. Today was nice, b/c it went by so quickly. Unlike the last few days, I had some things to do...time always goes by faster when you are busy. In a way it's good when the day goes by so quickly, but I don't like the fact that I constantly am wishing the day is over. I don't want to feel that way. I want to enjoy my job and want to be there, but I'm probably with the vast majority who want to be anywhere but work. Actually, Sunday night I didn't sleep so well. For some reason I started thinking about careers and I got this idea about working at a University or college. I think that would be something I would genuinely like to do. I'd like to help students with their career goals or help perhaps in Admissions. I think it would be a good experience for me...and since I like to help others, it's right up my alley. So I am planning on sending out a letter and my resume. It's worth a try I think.

Yesterday, I also decided to check out the listing in the paper for apartments. Of course, most are way above what I can afford, but I did find a couple that seem like a possibility. I actually went to look at one yesterday. It's a little more than I am paying , but it includes all utilities so that's good. As for size, it's on the small side, but I like the way it's set up. It has 2 sky lights in the slanted ceiling and it's in much better condition than what I'm in. It's cute, but it's the first one I've looked at and I don't want to just jump in to something. The other 2 I called on...I'm still iffy about. One is a basement apartment. Frankly, I don't like that idea so I'm probably going to pass on it. The other one I called, I haven't heard from so who knows? It's kind of fun looking at new places, but if I had my way I think I would stay in town and I would move to a bigger,nicer place. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen- things are so expensive in this town. However, you never know, maybe something else will come up.


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