Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today was a dreary, rainy day. I spent it doing my usual routine- that is, gym in the morning, Stew's, Border's (to do some work for class),and then grocery shopping. Can't believe the day is already over- that kind of sucks. I was supposed to baby-sit tonight, but they canceled. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It seems like they cancel on me every other weekend. Oh well. Tonight, I don't really feel like it anyway-though the extra pocket money would be nice.

I talked to my friend, J, tonight too. I haven't seen her in forever, but it sounds like she is doing ok. She's pretty busy with work and also taking care of her son, so I can understand why she isn't always able to meet with me. Anyway, J had some news. She gave her present job her 2 weeks notice, as she is going back to CVS. CVS is willing to give her the money she wants, the schedule she wants, and her vacation time back. Not a bad deal, huh? Well, now the job she just quit is willing to give her what she wants too. I guess they really like her. Now, that would never happen for me. I'd say "I quit" and they'd be like "See ya!". I guess I'm a little jealous. But then again, I wouldn't want to do her job anyway. It's in a retail setting and I don't want to go back to that. She has a difficult choice to make. I don't really envy her position of having to decide which job to go with, I'm always afraid of making the wrong choice (which I usually do). Anyway, I have a feeling she'll go with whoever is going to pay her more- I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I talked to L, my CDE/dietician, this week. She had called me a couple weeks ago, I called her back , but didn't hear from her. So I called again and left yet another msg. Finally, she called me back at work and we were able to talk for a bit. I told her about my vacation/pump disaster and mentioned that I'm still not doing the best. My blood sugar is constantly swing from high to low to high again (or vice versa). It's not only physically difficult to manage, but it's wears me out mentally and emotionally too. I really feel like something needs to change or be adjusted-even if that means coming off the pump. I would rather not have to go back to MDI, but if that's going to give me better control, so be it. My CDE did mention that there is a new product out there, that is pretty much considered an insulin pump. It's called the Omni Pod Pump. Basically, it's a pump that uses a Palm Pilot to program bolus/basal rates among other things. Plus, there is no tubing involved-which is nice- and, get this, you throw it out every 3 days. Actually, I don't know if I like that last part. To throw it out like that, to me, seems kind of wasteful, but I'm still interested and want to hear more. I don't think it's currently on the market, but my CDE is going to give me more info as she gets it. It's something I want to consider anyways. The other thing I am considering is Symlin. It supposedly helps prevent post meal spikes us Diabetics so often see. Though I think I am pretty good at carb counting, I'm often off, and if it will help, I'm willing to try it. It does mean injecting myself, but I guess I can manage that. One nice thing is it can help you lose weight, and I think that's a nice plus. So we'll see- I brought it up with my Endo at my last visit and he didn't want me to go ahead with it. However, this time I am going to stick to my guns and let him know that something needs to change. I hate the rollercoaster ride I so often am on and I just can't deal with that continuing on. Honestly, I'm not real crazy about his personality, but hopefully he'll be able to hear what I have to say.


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