Friday, December 02, 2005

This week had been a bit of a bummer. It's fair to say that I have been a mess, emotionally and physically, but I'm hoping that things will improve from here. I've basically been dealing with crazy, erratic blood sugars, stress and tension with family, and lack of sleep among other things.

Blood sugar wise, I've been doing poorly this week. My numbers have been way beyond high and I'm having an extremely difficult time moderating them. I don't know exactly what's going on, but since Wednesday of last week until today, things have been out of whack and it's driving me crazy. Part of the problem may be that I have that wonderful time of the month. I know when your hormones are acting up, it affects blood sugar readings. It's done this in the past for me, but not usually to this level. Things have been worse than usual or at least that's how it seems. When I have "my friend" (or maybe I should say enemy), I also become even more emotional and tired. Plus many times, I'll have horrible cramps as well. Gee, can it get any better? I'm considering trying Seasonale. The thought of only having to deal with this all only 4 times a year definitely appeals to me...but I don't know if it would affect my blood sugars more than regular birth control. I've tried other types, but I had to stop because my cramps only worsened on them, which I find odd. Isn't it supposed to make cramps less of a problem? I don't know, but I want to ask my Endo about it and see what he suggests.

Then the fact that I'm hormonal (and all it's wonderful symptoms) hasn't helped my relationships. Frankly, let's just say, I haven't been a gem to deal with. My poor Mom had to take the brunt of my frustration, as I have discussed in a recent posting. I'm not saying it's not my fault. I know I'm responsible for how I behave, but this doesn't help. I tend to lose control of my emotions and I can't cope with the frustration. The other night, I was so tense (though I'm not sure from what) I couldn't stop eating. I don't know why it happened, I wasn't hungry, but I couldn't stop. I ate a LOT of nuts and then I moved on to pretzels from there. The next morning I woke up to a lovely blood sugar of over 400 (yikes :o( ). It took most of the day to bring it down. Then, of course, I felt guilty and horrible about it... Ugh. I thought I was over doing that. I guess not.

So I guess you can see why I'm glad this week is over. It's been a rough one. This weekend will be pretty busy too, but at least things will be more low key than if I was working. I'm looking forward to the weekend- hopefully it will be a big improvement from the last few days.


Blogger Sandra Miller said...


I hope your weekend was better than last week...

Being "hormonal" is the pits. I know. I've been plagued with these cyclical mood swings for years. Dealing with bg highs and lows at the same time-- I can only imagine the rough ride you must experience each month...

Try not to beat yourself up over those moments of out-of-control eating-- I experience that myself when hormones are particularly raging... which brings me to the point that hormone levels can vary from month to month. So, this month you may have experienced a greater hormonal surge than is typical.

I think that talking to your endo, and maybe a gyno is a good idea.
(On the cramps-- birth control pills never did anything for mine, either)

Oh, and another thought-- moving to a new home (even if it's a positive move) is considered one of the top five sources of stress in a person's life... this may also have impacted your emotions last week.

Hang in there-- you'll get back on track. I know it.


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