Thursday, April 01, 2004

Wow, it's been since January since I've written here and it's now April! Nothing has really changed, which really sucks. I am really stuck in this rut and I feel something needs to change. Obviously I still want out of this job, but nothing has come up and I have no choice but to go in everyday.

Mom and Dad have since moved and for the most part I have handled it pretty well. IN a way, I needed for them to do that. It has made me a little more independent and less dependent on them, especially my mom.. I still miss having them close by, but I probably needed for this to happen.

I still have the same issues at work, mainly being that sometimes Kathy irritates me. I try not to take her seriously, I know she has problems herself. I have to stop myself a lot of times from saying something to her, b/c I know it probably won't help, and it might make things worse, which is the last thing I need to deal with. There is one major change at Chase, it has now merged with Bank One. This means we will be open longer hours and I think some other things might change too. We don't officially merge til June, so maybe (if there's any real good out there for me) I'll be somewhere better by then.

Diabetes wise...I still have my moments where I struggle with control. Somedays I think things are going pretty smoothly, then all of a sudden things change and I'll have a period of highs. Oh, it is so frustrating.

Happily, my weight is starting to come down. I hit my highest point that I have been at in a long time, but since then am trying to be a little more conscious of what I eat. Sometimes I still overeat or eat the wrong things, but I am a little more careful. And I am glad to see that it is starting to help.